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Izotest Laboratories

Izotest Laboratories provides quality assurance services to the construction and paving industry.

Izotest is one of the largest and leading companies in the industry, and employs professionals from all parts of the country, all working to provide high quality, professional and reliable service.

The New Izotest Laboratories Company Ltd is a laboratory authorized to operate in the construction and paving industries. The company was authorized by the National Administration for Authorizing Laboratories and recognized by the Ministry of Economy, which is in charge of standardization.

The company operates under terms of the Standards Law – 1953, and in accordance with the Planning and Construction Law – 1965.

  • Quality
  • Izotest Laboratories, one of the largest and leading companies in the industry, employs professionals deployed throughout the country, all working to provide high quality, professional and reliable service.

    We make the connection between the unique requirements of the customer and the applicable Standards, utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date test arrays in Israel and abroad.

    We at Izotest Laboratories have set for ourselves the aim of providing our customers with diverse solutions at the highest standards with uncompromisingly quality, while ensuring the highest quality service among laboratories in Israel.

  • Service
  • One of the greatest advantages of Izotest Laboratories is the well-organized and dynamic system available to the customer.

    Energetic sales managers, who have undergone professional training, are in constant personal contact and are always accessible to the customer.

    When a customer contacts us, whether he represents a public body, contractor or is a private individual, he benefits from immediate attention in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, if necessary, a representative of the laboratory will come to meet with you, at your convenience, to provide you with all the services, information and explanations you require.

  • Professionalism
  • History of professionalism.

    The beginnings of Izotest Laboratories were in “HaGalil Testing”, a small laboratory established in 1978 in Kiryat Shemona.

    From 1996 it began to operate as an authorized laboratory. In 2001 the laboratory was acquired by a group of investors and subsequently became one of the leading laboratories in Israel and was renamed “Izotest”.

    In 2014 the laboratories of the company and its activities were purchased and the new owners retained most of the experienced personnel, while a wide-ranging development plan was prepared and the name of the company was changed to “Izotest Laboratories”.

    Today the company operates in a national deployment from Kiryat Shemona to Eilat, and provides diverse testing services for the construction and paving industry. The uniqueness of Izotest Laboratories is in the extensive experience accumulated over the years, as well as the most dedicated, professional and qualitative staff in the industry.



We provide services to three main categories of customers:

Private customers

The laboratories’ services for professional and quality accompaniment in the proper use of construction materials and manner of installing building systems, as well as our signed test certificates provide the customer the peace of mind and confidence in those implementing the project on the one hand, while serving the purpose of receiving building permits and Form 4 by law, on the other hand.


The laboratories offer full accompaniment, from standard projects through to complex projects requiring extensive resources. By focusing on the construction and paving industries, the laboratories can concentrate on a single topic, creation of a service array customized as much as possible to the varying requirements of the customers, in all their diversities. This advantage is well appreciated by project managers and supervisors.

Institutional customers

By providing laboratory services for the purpose of standards supervision required for development and infrastructures projects, as well as quality supervision services, we serve as a secondary supervision of the sub-contractors working on site. The cooperation with our laboratories provides maximum peace of mind to project managers with our rapid, efficient and as flexible as possible responses.

The New Izotest Laboratories Ltd

The New Izotest Laboratories Ltd was established in 2014 and acquired the activities of the Izotest Company Ltd, which was liquidated, its laboratories and experience, together with most of its professional personnel who remained with the new company.

After initiating a plan of growth and increased efficiency, we are now ready to provide you with the highest quality service among laboratories in Israel.

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