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Earth and Asphalt Tests

Izotest Laboratories offers a wide variety of tests in the field of earth and paving – these tests are mandatory in projects that include construction of infrastructures such as roads, erection of bridges and more. Tests are performed under authorization of the Administration for Authorization of Laboratories. Among the various types of tests performed by the laboratories, are the following:

  • Field Testing

    Density/dampness by means of a granular gauge, density by means of a sand cone/punctured cylinder.

  • Laboratory Testing

    Relative weight of the earth, density of the fine aggregate (non plastic), fine content of the earth and aggregates, degree of flatness and length of the aggregates, the degree of resistance to erosion of the aggregates (Los Angeles), British crushing of the aggregates, sand equivalency, support boundaries, maximum density (100%), California Bearing Ratio (CBR) load bearing capability, determination of the percentage of water in the earth and rock.

  • Asphalt Testing

    Determination of the composition of the asphalt (cold extraction), density of the asphalt samples, determination of the thickness of the asphalt samples, liquid stability of the asphalt composition according to the Marshall Method, determination of the percentage of space in the asphalt mixture, theoretical maximum density, compliance with the requirements of the Public Works Department (now known as the National Roads Company of Israel) for asphalt mixture content, long-term stability, drilling and extraction of asphalt cylinders.

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